Mission statement

Women’s Solidarity participates in informational, educational, and outreach work concerning women in Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as global power relations from a feminist point of view. The organisation contributes to the establishment and enforcement of women’s rights and is committed to a world free of sexism, racism and homophobia. As a developmental policy organisation, it is in dialogue with women’s movements in the Global South and thereby empowers women and strengthens the networking of solidarity.

Key activities

In 1982, Women’s Solidarity was founded in order to make the different experiences of women in Africa, Asia and Latin America visible in Austria.

Women’s Solidarity publishes a quarterly magazine of the same name that reflects on the relations between the Global North and South from a feminist point of view.

Since 1994, Women’s Solidarity has overseen the library and documentation centre. The library was initially titled Women and the ‘Third World,’ but since 2009, it has been known as the C3-Library for Developmental Policy, working in cooperation with two other organisations, BAOBAB and ÖFSE.

In 2005, the radio-editorial group Women on Air was founded by Women’s Solidarity and Orange 94.0 (an Austrian free radio station).Once a week, a feminist, developmental policy series called Global Dialogues is on air.

Further activities of Women’s Solidarity include the organisation of events, such as lectures and panel discussions, exhibitions, film screenings, book presentations and readings.

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